Unable to login to openfire server with SPARK unless I check "use old ssl" method

I have openfire setup and listening on port 5222 and 5223 for SSL.

I have imported a SSL cert that matches my domain name.

I have removed the self signed certs so that all that is left is the signed cert. I can connect to the admin console port 9091 correctly (https://myserver:9091).

I am NOT able to connect to my server with spark unless I go into ADVANCED --> use OLD SSL METHOD…once I do this, I connect immediately.

Does anyone know why I have to check this? How can I set up the server to accept logins automatically without changing things in advanced?

5223 is an obsolete port and you shouldn’t use it. Both SSL and non-SSL connections occur on 5222. If you have specified 5223 port in Spark, then change it to 5222 or leave host/port part in Automatic mode.