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Unable to make a call while working with openfire + hazelcast together

I have created 2 open fire instances in two different work stations, in which cluster is enabled on those 2 nodes and It’s perfectly configured with 2 nodes as it showing and I have created 2 users in the one group.

** Problem:**

  1. I put one entry in the /etc/hosts from machine1 --> workstation1(node1 is running) domain.com

  2. I put one entry in the /etc/hosts from machine2 --> workstation2(node2 is running) domain.com

Means of the above 2 points, machine1 is connecting to node1 workstation and machine2 is connecting to node2 workstation.

I can able to see in clustering page, one client is connecting from node1 and other client is connecting from node2. I can able to see other client is online.and able to chat also.

I am able create MultiUserchat class , and able to join, when I get packet in callaback function In that packet when I try to print the Packet value using the below statement


public void processPacket(Packet packet) {

try {

Presence presence = (Presence) packet;

System.out.println("packet is came "+StringUtils.parseServer(presence.getFrom())); // Result is conference.domain.com

** if(**StringUtils.parseServer(presence.getFrom()).startsWith(“conference”)){




Because of that result starting with conference, I am returning with out doing any thing. Is their any etc configurations required.


** Please solve my problem, **


Extended to above discussion, I am getting Packet as following, **type=“unavailable” and **starting from address with conference.domain.com after formating by using StringUtils. But they are showing online to each other but presence is showing **unavailable, **I can’t find what’s happening . Please solve my problem.

Presence packet:

Presence packet: <presence id=“2c526-9” to="1111100100@domain.com/VU" from=“57623@conference.domain.com/1111100100_800” type=“unavailable”>