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Unable to open admin

Hi, as I searched for a thread about this but couldn’t find one, I’m posting this here:

i’m running a Windows2003 server, which had wildfire (not as a service) on it. This was inactive since it was a test someone did back a while ago. So I uninstalled it with the application I found in the programs folder, and I wanted to install the latest openfire, which I just downloaded.

Everything fine, then I opened the application, let it load and pressed the key “launch admin”. this loaded the browser with a blank screen. I viewed the source of this file, and it does a redirect to index.jsp, but I cannot find any index.jsp in the install folder, and java1.6 runtime is installed.

Anyone have quick answer to this, i’m new to Openfire so I wouldn’t really know. I read the documentation , but nothing in it that could resolve this problem.

It seems as my localhost didn’t point to the correct IP address

http://localhost:9090/setup/index.jsp points to the correct location.

Sorry for creating this topic