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Unable to Person Search?

This is the second part of an issue I now have on my test box that is integrated to AD 2003. I know am unable to do a person serch with Spark. The un integrated setup has not problems at all doing the search. I do have the search plugin installed but since the only difference in setups is the Database and AD integration, it seems to point at one or the other.

Can anyone help with this one? Does the account information get stored in the SQL server or remain in the AD LDAP server?

Wildfire 3.2.1

Spark 2.08 , 2.4.1 and 2.5 B3


Wow no one using AD LDAP integration is having a problem doing a person search??? Anyone ?

I am the same. I just installed a new installation with AD integration.

And the person search plugin returns (what it seems) is like 2-3 random people from the dozens that are actually available to search… same goes for “advanced search” in the control panel, as well as from any jabber client I tried.

I find that if you specifically search for someone, or even do a wildcard like a* or b*… it will find them then. But a raw list with *, gets you 2-3 random users.

It’'s very strange.

Well at least you are getting something back, all I get is empty. If you cick on the search button its like nothing is even happening.

One thing I just noticed is that my advanced search is not working at all. The administrator DN only has read access to certain containers where my users are. I cant help to think that this might be the problem. I am not at work right now and do not have access to AD.

Any thoughts?

Does anyone think this is related to AD integration? Can I hear from someone who has the AD integration and the person search works?

I had the same problem.

Change ldap port to 3268.

Port 3268 is the GC port, so will return entries for all domains in your forest.

We use standard AD integration for a single domain and person search works perfectly.

If it doesn’'t work in your environment - what users do you see listed in the Openfire web admin console? The search should return the same, though obviously you need to have the correct attribute mappings so the search fields are populated.