Unable to remain connected to Spark 2.0.2 Release

Hello everyone,

We just ran the upgrade, but now after logging on, we are only able to say connected for about 5 seconds and it disconnects us and displays an error of:

Your connection was closed due to an error.

There are about 10 of us experiencing the same behavior so we all had to rollback to the previous version.

Any ideas as to why?

I found this information, which may be helpful:



I’‘m getting the same problems Havn’‘t time to really look through the traffic and see whats tripping things up (or pull down any source code and see whats going on) but I get this connecting to my myjabber.net account. Havn’'t tried any other servers yet…


I am sorry, but glad to hear it isn’‘t just me that is experiencing this behavior. We are going to stay on 2.0.1 until we can get it resolved. I am not a developer type guy so it isn’'t going to be easy for me to determine the issue, so I am trying to recruit some help on it.

If you discover something, please let me know and I will do the same for you…


Jabberd2 logs the following when trying to use Spark 2.0.2

Oct 4 08:03:23 jabber-server jabberd/c2s[1818]: someuser@jabber.someplace.net/spark write error: Broken pipe (32)