Unable to route chat error

Hi all,

I’ve installed the latest versions of Openfire (3.7.0), Fastpath Service (4.2.0) and Fastpath Webchat (4.0.2). I’m currently using the demo chat workgroup and it works great, however …

I’ve editted the Workgroup Web form (at the Form UI section) and made the username not required (to enable anonymous chats). When I’m trying to start a chat, the username field is indeed not required.

When I’m trying to connect to an agent, the agent will receive the chat request. BUT… when accepting it, the (anonymous) webchat user gets the following message “We are unable to route your request at this time. To leave a message or request a call back click here.”. This happens while the agent can chat with the webuser (obiouvsly the webuser doesn’t receive anything).

Is there any workaround for this bug?

Thanks a lot,


I’ve deleted the username field, and added another field with a different name, and now it works perfectly.