Unable to see any logs

Hi folks,
I hope someone can help me, its almost a year i did not touch my openfire instance (i left it working) today i got a chance to look at it. I am not seeing any log and no web is working.

Service restarted but no effect. i do not see anything in the log file.
i see this in the processes.
daemon 8252 1.1 7.2 2920144 136580 ? Sl 10:17 0:01 /etc/alternatives/jre/bin/java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=/opt/openfire/lib/log4j2.xml -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true -server -DopenfireHome=/opt/openfire -Dopenfire.lib.dir=/opt/openfire/lib -classpath /opt/openfire/lib/startup.jar -jar /opt/openfire/lib/startup.jar

Looks like the service is running fine but no logs and cant even open web http://server:9090

is there anyway i can enable further debugging?
i even upgrade the version to openfire-4.7.5

any idea?


so after deleting files and restarting openfire i started to see logs.
Finally i got it working but i made a property change (my xmpp domain) i changed it and after that i am not able to login with my admin credentials.
Is there anyway i can get it working again?


Finally i got it working.
Does anyone why i am getting the following error in the openfire.log file?

2024.05.05 09:42:16 ERROR [httpbind-worker-3]: org.jivesoftware.openfire.PresenceRouter - Could not route packet
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant org.xmpp.packet.Presence.Type.available
at java.lang.Enum.valueOf(Enum.java:238) ~[?:1.8.0_412]

The error comes when i try to login using wss://chat.mydomain.xx:7443/ws

That’s a lot of different questions. Luckily, you’ve been able to resolve most yourself :slight_smile:

For posterity: the location where Openfire stores its log files is configured in /opt/openfire/lib/log4j2.xml - Typically, you do not need to change this (and the admin console may fail to find the log files when you do), but it can be a helpful resource to see how things are configured.

Changing your XMPP domain value is something that I recommend against. You’re effectively changing the username of every user on the server. Only do this if you’re still experimenting with setting up a new server (and even then, it’s probably best to simply re-install the server, instead of changing the XMPP domain name).

I’ve answered your question on ‘type available’ here: Presence.Type.available? - #2 by guus - in short: it’s a client sending invalid data.