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Unable to send and receive messages - do not reach Certificate Confirmation

Hello all together,

I have the following problem:

Spark is the recommended XMPP Chat Client for my purpose/scenario/insfrastructure. When I am at customers place:

  • I am not able to send and receive messages.

  • Moreover I am not able to accept the certificate, because to Confirmation shows up.

  • But, I do receive my Buddy list.

  • Other Clients XMPP LCients work well

  • I had to install Spark without Administrative Rights, thus it is installed to my Windows Home Directory.

–> The SPark Version ist 2.6.3

–> Java Version is 1.4.2

–> we have to use “old style ssl”

Is there a common bug/problem with this configuration? I assume, it is a SSL Certificate Confirmation Problem.

Can anybody confirm this? Are there any workarounds?