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Unable to start or connect to new meeting

Hi everyone, Long time openfire user, new to openfire meetings. Having a small issue with my instance. Plugin seems to install fine and all other things working except actually being able to create a meeting. I am able to navigate to the https://myserver:/7443/ofmeet, but when i go to create a new meeting I get a nice “fun” message that says "Sorry! You are note allowed to be here :frowning: " Any Ideas, I have the default setup and have not really changed anything.

OpenFire 4.2.1
Java 1.8.0_151
OpenFire Meetings 0.9.2
Openfire Focus Provider 0.9.2

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you have proper certificates. Lets encrypt works fine

Yes, that all works. I gave up and ended up rebuilding the server. Now I have a different error. “Oops, something went wrong and we couldn’t connect to the conference: GET_SESSION_ID_ERROR” Any ideas? And of course, there is no REAL documentation on this…I wish it would just work!

Just in case ANYONE else found this thread and was wondering what combination works. Please read below.

Windows Server 2016
Openfire 4.1.6
Openfire Focus 0.9.2
Openfire Meetings 0.9.2
Java 1.8.0_161

If your using LDAP, you MUST create a focus user (IE: focus@yourdomain.com) and give it a password.

Also, if you’re using chrome to start video chat you have to use the HTTPS link using port 7443 or it will fail.