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Unable to start Spark with Desktop redirection enabled via Group Policy

Hello all,

Experiencing an issue opening Spark for a group of users that have Desktop redirection settings inherited through Group Policy.

All users desktop items are redirected to a central location on a DFS share.

When this setting is enabled Spark will not even start.

You can see it fire up for a moment in the Task Manager but then it quits without error. If I remove the Desktop redirection setting Spark operates without incident.

Anyone know what would cause this?


This is a known bug and it is not certain when it will be fixed

Thank you for the quick response!

Dear Team, I am facing the same issue. Is there any way we can open spark (any latest version) in the desktop redirected user id? or any other tool as like spark?

Thank you,


Hi, Is there any latest update on this case…

Thanks, Krishna

In our policy we have the user’s documents and desktop redirected on a network share. We just copied the user’s spark folder to there redirected folder and spark work’s fine allowing thier setting to follow them from computer to computer.

I believe enabling folder redirection on application data may be the fix. We do it that way, and we have zero issues at all.