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Unable to successfully connect to Openfire Group Chat

Openfire version 3.9.3. Communication is performed using Xabber with an Openfire server back end

An Openfire group chat was set up involving around 20 participants and has been operating successfully for several weeks. Over the weekend, this appears to have stopped working and is now not allowing the users to connect into the Group Chat Room. It is producing an error stating “Error: Unable to connect to server”.

However, peer to peer messaging is still functioning as normal, it is simply the group functionality that will not work.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Have gone through the basics of checking settings and restarting services.

What was the reason to setup such an old version of Openfire?

The system was set up several years ago when 3.9.3 was a more modern version.

It has not been upgraded due to the closed nature of the system requiring the specific versions it was set up with preserved.

Check the logs in /openfire/logs/all.log. You can post them here.

Due to the nature of the system I can’t post the full logs on a public forum, but the summary is:

Output.log - Only contains the server boot information (when it was booted up and which port it is listening at.

Error.log - Nothing openly states error, but the file lists an attempt to create a new LdapManager instance on the Domain Controller and then lists repeated communication between the two as they try to exchange the relevant configuration information.

It will be hard to help without seeing the logs. Maybe you can try to test with some other client, maybe desktop client like Spark or Gajim and check client’s logs for more clues. Maybe Xabber has updated and now older Openfire version is not compatible.

Spark Error Logs:
There is a bunch of files, look through all of them and select events that correlate with the time of your issue.

With the minimal information provided, and without being able to access the log files and other diagnostic information, it is unrealistic for this community, that has stopped working on this version over five years ago, to expect to properly diagnose anything.

I’d advise you to seek help with a service provider, with which you can agree to non-disclosure agreements.

Full disclosure: I’m one of those listed.

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