Unable to switch video stream

I finally upgraded my openfire to 3.10.3 and I am trying to get openfire meetings working. I can log into a meeting… when I got to share my desktop I get the error… unable to switch video stream. in the javascript debug in chrome I am seeing…

Failed to obtain the stream to switch to NavigatorUserMediaError {}

constraintName: “”

message: “”

name: “InvalidStateError”

proto: NavigatorUserMediaError

getSwitchStreamFailed @ ofmeet-screenshare.js?v=1:223

(anonymous function) @ strophe.jingle.adapter.js?v=3:779

strophe.jingle.adapter.js?v=3:773 onUserMediaSuccess


No conference handler

newStreamCreated @ ofmeet-screenshare.js?v=1:250

(anonymous function) @ ofmeet-screenshare.js?v=1:282

(anonymous function) @ ofmeet-screenshare.js?v=1:130

(anonymous function) @ strophe.jingle.adapter.js?v=3:774

probably a configuration error on my part but not sure where to start… if I should be looking elsewhere for error logs… please let me know.

also found this warning

Failed to get access to local media error strophe.jingle.adapter.js?v=3:777


constraintName: “”

message: “”

name: “DeviceNotFoundError”