I have a problem in understanding Distributed Executor Service.I am trying to run the example which is mentioned here in

[a link] https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-code-samples/tree/master/distributed-exec utor/scale-out

What i am assuming about scale out is that when i run master and slave on different Machines the execution should happen on both machines i.e load should be balanced on both machines.But i am not able to see anything happening on slave console.The master console is executing all the 1000 EchoTask.Is my understanding wrong about Distributed Executor Service?Can someone help me in understanding this

Hi Pavan -

This question should probably be directed to the Hazelcast forum, rather than here.

Having said that, it is worth noting that the Hazelcast Distributed Executor Service API can be used in multiple ways to manage remote tasks. For example, a remote task can be assigned to execute an a specific individual server, or it can be sent to all servers in the cluster. Also, if Hazelcast is not configured correctly, then each server may create its own independent cluster, resulting a single (“master”) server node in each of several clusters, rather than having multiple server nodes within a single logical cluster.

Again, as I indicated this question would likely be better answered by the Hazelcast community, rather than the Openfire community.