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Unfiled and the maximum size for transfer file

  1. what is the unfiled group on my contact?? i never created group like that?

2.how can i know that the maximum transfer file on spark? how can we set to be bigger???

Unfiled is created by Spark when he doesn’t know in what group to put contacts or group is not set while adding the contact. Sometimes it will show unfiled when you delete groups on the server and there are still online users, etc. Spark can’t show users just in the roster without any group, so it creates Unfiled when he can’t find a group.

I’m not sure about file size, but in default.properties file there is a value 10048 for maximum file size, so maybe it’s 10 MB http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2163

how can we remove unfiled?

Are the any users in that group (offline too)? Are you using some gateway for other networks (ICQ, AOL, MSN)? The easiest way would be to move contacts from this group to some other group.

I submitted PR #247 to not show an empty “Unfiled” group.

Will be fixed in 2.8.2 version.