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Uninstall wildfire 3.2.2

I have wildfire 3.2.2 running on an OS X 10.4 (intel) Server. I have Wildfire pulling user info via our AD domain - and things have been working for the most party very well. However, I’‘ve noticed that Wildfire seems to cause a bit of havoc with my Mac Server on occassion so I’'m planning on moving it to another server.

Being that I’'m not intimately familiar with the OS X server I was wondering if there were any other Macheads in here that may be able to help me out? Just need to know the least intrusive way to uninstall Wildfire is basically all.

As for the ignite realtime guys… I LOVE your software. It really is a great solution and I hope to have it up on another server soon.

Does anyone have an answer for this? Suggestions or advice is much appreciated.

My, this forum is oh so helpful (insert sarcasm at beginning of this sentence)


you could exit your first post/topic to read “uninstall wildfire 3.2.2 on OS X / Mac” as there are afaik only a few MAC users. For me it’'s just a “rm -rf foldername” on Linux as I always use the .tar.gz files for “installation”.


Hi Scott,

Uninstalling Wildfire depends somewhat on how it was installed. If you used the .dmg installation method take a look a this post of mine from a couple of months back.

Hope that helps,