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Unsupported protocol version 'Asterisk Call Manager/1.1'

How much of a problem is this?

Unsupported protocol version ‘Asterisk Call Manager/1.1’. Use at your own risk.

Is this likely what is causing this symptom: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/41950

I solved both problems (warning and user status) by replacing a file /opt/openfire/plugins/astrisk-im/lib/asterisk-java-0.3.jar with asterisk-java-1.0.0.M3.jar (you can find it here: http://blogs.reucon.com/asterisk-java/).


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I have same problem

while program in runnig mode it shows ‘Unsupported protocol version ‘Asterisk Call Manager/1.3’. Use at your own risk’ . I tried solution you proposed but didn’t workout. I think my Asterisk manager version is 1.3 .So can you guess which asterisk-java.jar is suitable for my task