Unwanted Web URL's

Small issue users on spark with external IM enabled chat is going to different users with some unwanted links although no one is sending those links…can anyone help in this

Could you please elaborate on what you mean? Are they getting messages ina chat window? URLs under the bookmarks menu? What external IM? Pictures may help if possible.

attaching u the screnshot for the same

chat are being sent from Spark IM to MSN IM

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about the “spam” messages being sent to your external accounts. This is a flaw in their systems not spark or openfire. Their systems allow for unapproved users to send messages to you.

Actually this might be a problem with the IM Gateway plugin.

And in my understanding (and after viewing the screenshot) this is his real contacts sending those urls, and they say they didnt send anything. So it looks like those users are infected with viruses/worms which send spam messages through MSN (or Skype: wellknown Sandra virus in Lithuania) to all contacts of that user and he dont know about that.

I tend to think it is not the case of a bad plugin. We have a few yahoo users that receive these spams too. They get them even when connecting directly to yahoo.