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Update database record but no change on chat

I’m developing a simple update on the openfire database, where I randomly put different values on “**Chat Room Greeting” field (fastpath plugin) **.

But the problem is that the value isn’t updated in the admin interface. But when I change the field directly from admin interface, it works.

Is there a flag or something that I need to ‘tell’ the application that has changes in the database??



I just learned all settings are cached by default…

So… How can I configure to not cache a specific setting from plugin FastPath?

What I need to do is to manually set a new value for a field in the database (table fpChatSetting, acceptedChat_text), and since this is being made outside the openfire’s interface, the value isn’t being cached, and consequently not updated. So, this way I want to tell I dont want to cache that specific database field.

How can I manage to do that?

openfire caches a lot of stuff from teh database… manually manipulating the database outside of openfire isn’t recommended. I would look in the source of some of the plugins and see how they go about updating the database through the existing openfire mechanisms.

The problem is that I’m using python, and I need to update the database from it.

I’m looking in fastpath’s source code to see what it do to update the info, but I’m having a really hard time on doing it, cause I know almost nothing about java…

I think I’m gonna use the ‘raw’ way, by opening the url of openfire’s admin, loggin in, and making a POST on the form, all using python’s url modules…