Update friendship immediately on openfire


I have a web app (ASP.NET) when I use Jappix Mini with Openfire + Node_XMPP_Bosh. The aplication and Chat are working correctly, my only problem is the update of a friendship on the web app for the chat, where when I do a bond of friendship between two people, my application does an insert on the base of this on openfire.

But for this friendship is updated in the chat plugin, openfire have to have the information updated and have at the moment, it can only Restarting the service thereof. Anybody know how I can do this immediately when I do an insert on Openfire DB?



Hi again,

In my research so far I found this question http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/35460 that portrays the same problem I mentioned earlier…

I add in properties of openfire these:

cache.username2roster.maxLifetime 0

cache.username2roster.size 0

This partially solves my problem because I need is that when added to a user in openfire (database and administrator) it will automatically be shown as available in the chat plugin on the web page, as the spark when I accept a friend request

anyone can help?