Update notice


Is it possible to turn of the update notification?

We are runing the Spark in a Citrix enviroment and it’'s not always possible to install the newest update due to Java incompability as an example.

The Citrix webinterface needs a version of Java and Spark needs another and also we have other applications that need another version to work.

The update notification er very anoying when you log on every time and users always try to update and they are ofcouse not alowed to do that and then they call or send mail about it.

If you are using 3.2.4 or earlier of openfire server you can grab the “old” spark manager, which will allow you to control the updates of the clients! If you select the current version of your clients in the spark manager plugin in the admin console after installing it, then the clients will NEVER again be prompted to update until YOU are ready for that to happen, and when you do decide to upgrade them, you put in the newer client version in the spark manager, then the next time they login, they will get the newer version from your server!