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Update notification or mailinglist?

Is there a mailing list or some other method of getting notification when a new Messenger is released?

I’'ve created a new forum called “News” at:


We’'ll now use that forum to make release announcements. I would suggest adding a watch to that forum to get email updates or to use the RSS feed.



Sounds great, thanks!

RSS is great, but not all use that, so i dont want to use RSS reader only for couple sites. Now i’‘m monitoring pages with WebMon:) In Jive case i’'m monitoring Download page:)

P.S. i’'ve decided to put News Forum feed to my reader and i just cant find this feed.


The RSS feed for that thread is:


Its a little “RSS” link on the bottom right corner of the thread listing.

You could also use the Jive forums notifier too, just “watch” the news forum and it will email you when updates come.

yes, i’'m using watch function in forum, i just wanted to test RSS feed. And i still dont get (stupi me:)) where is the News forum feed?

I see this structure:

Global Feeds

These feeds cover the entire system. For example, to be notified of new system announcements click the announcement icon in this row - that is a link to a feed of all global announcements.

Category: Support

Forum: Jive Messenger Support

Forum: Smack Support

Category: Developers

Forum: Jive Messenger Dev

Forum: Whack Dev

So where exactly is fifth News forum feed?:slight_smile:

Hmm I dunno where the News forum is for you. For me it you just click forum at the top its listed at the top. Its called “News / News about project releases and related information.”

Maybe you’'re using a different language? Sounds like a forum admin problem to me

Or…I dont understand

i think i have found it finally i think so, because News forum is empty and i cant test it. But i’‘m already watching this forum with my mail, so i’'ll stick to that system;)