Update of the French translation for Spark


Here’s an updated French translation for Spark.

Completed prior translation and added missing keys.

Best Regards,

Eric Ficheux
spark_i18n_fr.properties.zip (12560 Bytes)

I have just applied your translation update (tracked as [SPARK-1588] Update French translation - Jive Software Open Source )

You can try it out in the 679 build Install4j (this will also be included in the 2.7.1 version this summer).

I didn’t go the easy way to just replace the older translation on top. Because i want to preserve the history of changes and a structure of files. So, next time i would prefer to get a diff patch file. Or at least a file with only changes to translations (whole line).

I have also skipped translations which for some reason were changed to English lines. There were also some minor fixes here and there, so it won’t be 100% exact.