Update presence of user automatically when internet disconnect

Hi All,

I have developed iOS XMPP chat application using OpenFire server. Application is running we as it expected.

When user is connected to internet correctly there is not any issue. But when internet is disconnected we are not able to send presence on OpenFire server. So presence of user is not updated on OpenFire server. If user doesn’t updated in offline mode on XMPP server then updated presence will not be updated to his/her rosters and pending messages also not forwarded to rosters.

From my point of view OpenFire server should be intelligent enough to check client connection and update latest presence is user goes offline.

Is there anything which I should be use to update latest presence of each user on XMPP server at regular interval? Am I missing any configuration which I need to set or is there any thing which should be handled by me?

Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

Read this document Explanation: options to mitigate messages loss because of network problems