Updated Russion translation for spark & spellchecker plugin

Here is diff for russian translation of spark & spelchecker plugin.

Check it please.
New_ru_RU.diff.zip (5690 Bytes)

Can you also take a look at this patch and then update yours?

Thanks. I included ilyas’s patch into my and uploaded new version.


Could somebody upload this changes into svn ?

I’m sure cstux will apply this soon. I have reminded him about this update.

Yes, I will do this the next days.

Can you attach the orginal properties file?

Here they are. I uploaded them from svn.
base.tar.gz (20829 Bytes)

Oh, we misunderstood.

I need the patched spellchecker_i18n_ru_RU.properties and spark_i18n_ru_RU.properties.

The file from the svn is in ascii. The patch you have send is UTF-8 (BOM).

I must convert the file with the java native2ascii converter before I can add this to the svn

or you can do this

Here are files.
props.tar.gz (23570 Bytes)

Now it works well and I have added it to the trunk,

but I’m missing the spellchecker properties.

here you are
spellchecker_i18n_ru.properties.tar.gz (262 Bytes)

attached to the ticket