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Updated to 4.7.1 and when trying to send to a group chat user gets logged out

We just updated to 4.7.1 and Spark clients are all ranges of versions. When a user is trying to send a message in a group chat they immediately get logged out. Have to close spark and re-login to get back. I update my Spark to 2.9.4 and get the same behavior.

Did you upgrade all of the Openfire plugins as well?

yes. all the plugins show no updates available. we ended up re-installing 4.6.7 and functionality has been restored for now.

This behavior, specifically in Openfire 4.7.x, is typically caused by a plugin that is using outdated code. If you have upgraded all your plugins, then there might be a plugin out there for which we neglected to provide an update.

Can you please identify what plugin is causing this problem for you, by removing them one-by-one, repeating the test until the problem goes away?