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Updates notification is not forwarding

In Admin Console i have enabled notification of admin about updates. And i have also put few jids in xmpp.forward.admins They are getting replies to messages sent from the system. But they dont get notifications about updates and i think they should.

And maybe there can be a way to disable admin user from getting messages at all. I dont like it is holding lots of system and user messages in offline storage. I’m using this account only for administration.

Hi Oleg,

JIDs listed in xmpp.forward.admins will receive to the server hostname itself. They’re not listed to receive server/plugins updates. The effect of having xmpp.forward.admins is that it stops to the server from being delivered to jids in admin.authorizedUsernames and admin.authorizedJIDs. So, I think if you want to minimize receiving offline one way is probably to create an account you seldom want to see and have it listed in xmpp.forward.admins. However, it won’t stop to specific user like admin@server.

Update notifications is hard coded and will be sent to jids listed in admin.authorizedUsernames and admin.authorizedJIDs.

Given these existing internal processes, which may not satisfy all users, I think they may be subject to feature upgrade.

Thanks for the detailed answer. I didnt know whole this stuff. Well, i just want to be able to forward (actually redirect would be better) all messages (internal and external) sent to server’s hostname to specified jid. So i understand that now update notifications are just inserted into database and are not common messages. One can see that as those messages comes without any title in tab in Spark and look like broadcasts.