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Updating from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 problem

Just to let you know I did the update and what a mess it created. I wont be able to get the errors till maybe this weekend. What happened was after updating and restarting everything no one at my company could even connect to the service any more I mean all anyone would get was wrong username and/or password when trying to load spark. I was lucky enough to still have a copy of 1.1.1 around so I uninstalled 1.1.2 and put 1.1.1 back in and everyone can connect again. We use the gateway for MSN, AOL, and Yahoo only.

Most likely the previous gateway plugin just didn’t finish unloading. Typically the best upgrade mechanism at this time is to remove gateway.jar, wait for the gateway subdirectory to vanish, and then install the new version. There is some ‘timing issue’ with upgrading the plugin as is that appears to be something that is going on in openfire. =/