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Updating LDAP and CONF without service restart

Openfire 3.3.3 Windows 2003:

I konw several versions back, there was no way to force an LDAP update without either restarting the service or waiting until the non-configurable timer expired (every 6 hours). Has this changed?

Also, is there a way to reload the configuration file without restarting the service? Say I make a change the the v-card mappings in openfire.xml, can I get the change to take effect without restarting the service?

If the answer is no to both of the above, does anyone else here see value in getting one or both added?

Try clearing your caches from the admin console… at least in 3.3.2 it makes queries for groups anew after that. Looking now at the cache screen there’s a vcard cache, too.


Clearing the cache worked like a charm. Thank you for the tip! Now if there was only a way to reload the config file without having so stop the service…