Updating shared groups

I am beta testing OpenFire / Spark at my office and the second concern I have (the first was posted to Openfire) is that when the Shared group updates on the server it does not seem to be pushed down to Spark. In this case a new user that does not appear on Spark on Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop AMD64) and on Spark on Windows (XP SP2 i386 version on x86_64 processor).

Openfire gets its users via LDAP which is connecting to Active Directory on a Windows Server 2003 machine. I don’t beleive this is the issue though since the new user appears on the Openfire machine. Openfire is also running on an Linux Server (Ubuntu 7.10 server i385 on x86 processor).

It can take several hours for spark to update the information in a shared group. Generally it will be available imediately follow a fresh start of Spark (quit the application and restart it). You could try clearing openfire server caches, but i doubt it will help.

No, the caches did not help. Restarting does not help either. It seems it has a period that it takes to update. I have done several restarts in different time frames and seen nothing in Ubuntu and Win XP SP2 but after some time frame it will work on both? This should be a configurable option, if it is controlled in the server or the client I should have an “update now” button as well as an “check for updates every X minutes” box where I select X.