Updating the admin list on a running instance

On a running Wildfire server, using LDAP as my authenticator. Is there anyway to allow a new user being added in the config file to login to the server without restarting the server instance. I guess what I am asking is there a way to re-read the config so that the change will be seen, OR is there a property I can put in the server settings page that will allow me to update admin access names on the fly?


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If this is not possible yet, I’‘d like to second the request for it. It’'d be very nice to be able to change who is an admin on the fly without causing an interruption in service that requires scheduled downtime…


I’'d also like to see such an option, but as an option one must enable in conf/wildfire.xml. The ability to change admins on the fly is always a potential security risk. This raises the question where these settings should be stored as conf/wildfire.xml will be change and write protected if one cares about security.

Something like fine grained ACL’‘s would be much more useful, as other “admins” should probably only be able to care about group chats and keep away from system properties they don’'t understand.


Ok, now ACL style permissions sounds like a really good idea. A way to keep my non technical people out of the “system” tab would be great =)