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Upgrade from 2.2.2 to 2.3.0

If i am using RPM will rpm -Uhv upgrade me keeping my current setup, or should I export my userlist and reimport?

Hey tcf03,

The install process will not delete your data in the database. And updating JM 2.2.2 to JM 2.3.0 does not require any database modifications. Anyway, as a precaution I always recommend making backups before doing any software update. It is possible that the conf/jive-messenger.xml file is overwritten so make sure that you are making a backup of that file too. BTW, let us know if the update process is overwriting that file.


– Gato

The upgrade went fine, however the jive-messenger.xml file was overwritten, I backed up before upgrading and simply copied it back after the upgrade.


the jive-messenger.xml file was overwritten

That’'s because the %config directive was not used when the RPM was built…

I have Jive 2.2.2 tar version. So I have downloaded Jive 2.3.0 also tar version. I have copied from old version “conf” and embedded-db folders. Everything was good (users, groups etc) but s2s works only in one way. Only incoming connections works. Why?

Hey samson,

s2s should be working fine. You can enable the debug log and post any relevant information you see so we can figure out where the problem is.


– Gato