Upgrade from 3.5.2 to 3.6.0a Fails for MySQL Server

Hi people:

I cant upgrade my server from 3.5.2 version to 3.6.0a (Linux CentOS). When try as usual to get my server working with a new version i:

  1. backup the database. Cause in there is my users information.
  2. uninstall openfire old version. (i dont upgrade cause it sometimes left some buggy files around)
  3. reinstall new version.
  4. startup server program (service openfire start)
  5. startup http://servername:9090

But then i cant connect to the DB, all the PRIVILEGES are granted to the DB’s user but it just doesnt connect. I had get back to the 3.5.2 version so my client connects to my server.

Its there any bug, any fix???

Thanks in advance.