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Upgrade from 3.5.3 to 3.64 -- gateway issues

The MSN gateway in the 3.6.4 version of openfire. Users do not see the msn account name and only see ‘no status message’. This occurs in both Soapbox 2.5 and 2.6… Under the older PyMSNt transport, they were capable of seeing the account names. Has there been a change in presence usage in the on-board gateway than what was used in the older Py transport? If so, how can I fix this to show a user’s account name instead of the above?

Announcement: IM Gateway Plugin has Moved

The IM Gateway Plugin has moved and been renamed: Kraken XMPP IM Gateway.

Please direct questions to that site as the maintainer is not actively monitoring this forum.

by @Benjamin Sherman at 2009-05-06 12.08