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Upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6.3 broke user login

My server is

CentOS 4.5

OpenFire 3.6.3

Database is MySQL 5

The upgrade was from the source download.

Followed the upgrade instructions as aways.

Restarted Openfire, logged into the admin webpage, refreshed/updated some plugins. OK

Tried to login to my user account using Spark, and i go an message saying my password was incorrect. I repeated the login about 10 times before giving up and changing my password from the admin panel. Logged in with my new password just fine…

However, i have been getting calls non stop from our users all having this same problem.

I kept a backup of 3.5 so i restored back to it, but the problem presists, now even in 3.5.

I did a clean install of 3.6.3, rebuild the database from a backup, but the problem presists.

The log and debug show no errors.

What happened?

Why won’t my clients authenticate anymore?

Do I have to manually update all the users passwords…aarrrggg!!!

Curiously there are 2 clients out of 176 that can still login after the upgrade. Some how they were not affected.

There are using similar confiurations as other clients…

Mac OS X 10.5. and iChatAV

Travis Harper

Fixed it.

I did not run the MySQL update scripts.

My version was still at 16.

Ran the scripts up to 18 and it works now.

Update scrips 19 and 20 fail… saying the table exists… or something like that…

But i guess thats ok

Just glad it seems to be working again

How did you run the MySql update script and were do you look to find out which update you have?

I used phpMyAdmin to view my openfire database.

I went into table jiveVersion ( mine was at 16 )

I then went into /opt/openfire/resources/database/upgrade

In there are a bunch of folders, that reflect the version numbers.

Since my version was at 16 I started out by applying 17. I did this with phpMyAdmin by firest selecting my openfire database, then clicking sql and then clicked browse and I selected the scrip in side the number 17 folder.

I did this up to folder 20, but for some reason 19 and 20 just returned errors, that the table already exists.

My version is now 18 and everthing seems to be working as expected.

Hope this helps.


Thank You.

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