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Upgrade from JM 2.2.0 to 2.3.0

Hi all,

Is there anything special to do?

Or just use the same DB (MySQL) will handle that? The schema changed?

The storage and authentication are in DB.

And what about the conf/jive-messenger.xml?

I’'m running on Linux (Slackware) from the .tar.gz

Am I missing something…?



Oi Rodrigo,

No database modifications were made between JM 2.2.2 and JM 2.3.0. You can keep using your conf/jive-messenger.xml file. However, you will need to update all your plugins to the latest version. This includes the admin plugin which contains the admin console. BTW, if you are going to do a manual upgrade then make sure that you are making a copy of your current installation and that the lib/messenger.jar file is overridden by the newest version.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Thanks for the reply.

I’'ll use the same DB and just untar the .tar.gz of 2.3.0 into a new directory and replace the conf/jive-messenger.xml and all the plugins.

Since all the configurations are in the DB and xml I’‘ll keep all my data and won’'t loose anything, right?