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Upgrade from wildfire 3.0.1 to openfire 3.3.1


I plan to upgrade from wildfire 3.0.1 to openfire 3.3.1; from what I saw in the upgrade guides I should first upgrade to wildfire 3.1.1; then 3.2.3; then 3.3.1. Can you give me some links to the RPM versions; I couldn’'t find them in the downloads section.

Another option, which would be easier, I think it would be to install openfire 3.3.1; then using the import/export plugin to copy the users; has anyone tried this ? Do you know it there would be problems if exporting from 3.0.1 and importing to 3.3.1 ?



I started on 3.0 beta, went to 3.0, 3.1, 3.1.1, 3.2, 3.2.2 and then 3.3.1. I always waited a few days before upgrading, so eventual bugs got discovered and up to 3.2.2 everything went fine. When I tried to go with 3.2.4 I had to roll back. So I waited until 3.3.1 was out. That kind of worked, everything is running fine, but all my users are seeing uids on their rosters instead of the full name like it is configured. So far I haven’'t fixed it.

I run it on Linux + PostgreSQL + OpenLDAP.

So I would backup and upgrade in ‘‘steps’’.

I installed openfire 3.3.1 from scratch and moved the users using the users import/export plugin. I had to change Wildfire to Openfire in the xml it exported; but everything worked just fine.

Thanks for your answer,