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Upgrade issues for 3.3.1

Trying to upgrade from 0 to 1 with no luck… For some reason the daemon keeps stopping after successfully starting and running for at least 30 seconds. I go to log into the admin screen and that is when the service seems to stop. Before the attempt to upgrade everything ran perfect. Now it seems I am stuck with install issues. I followed the upgrade notes for openfire but nothing seems to help. I am really at a loss for what is happening. I have attempted to replace the files I tried upgrading with the backup made before the attempted upgrade and then try to step through the install again.

Any help would be great. I will check the logs for any issues…

I’'m dealing with the same issue, I believe. The start script is broken. If I manually start openfire all is well, but if I try to use the /etc/init.d/openfire script it attempts to start (I get a PID), but does. I will probably trash the script and start over with my own. :confused:


if you want to use your own script take a look at http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/LinuxInstallationGuide


I am just basically gonna start from scratch. I have my db on a separate server so I still have my data. But how frustrating… but it is back up and working.