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Upgrade of server from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3


Just want to know how to upgrade the server. My current Openfire server is 4.0.2 and just finished downloading 4.0.3

When I extracted the zip file, it just shows the whole openfire folders, do I just copy these folders or I need to do something else before pasting it?



Not sure if you mentioned this before, but are you on Windows? Then it is better to use the installer which will do the upgrade for you (it also has the service, which you can install). If you want/need to use the zip. Then stop Openfire, make a backup of your whole folder. Copy the content of new zip on top of the old files. Then copy from backup /conf (config), /embedded-db (if used), /resources/security (where TLS certificates are stored). Run Openfire.