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Upgrade OpenFire Version

Hi, i am using openfire 4.2.2 version and using mysql database ,now i want to upgrade my openfire to 4.2.3 and i don’t want to change my current mysql database ,can you please tell me how to upgrade openfire without changing database

Thank You

The upgrade process takes care of that for you.


what i have done till now is ,
1- install 4.2.2 openfire version first and add two or 3 users and one chat room
2- stop openfire
3- get backup of openfire installation folder
4- get backup of database from mysql
5- install 4.2.3 openfire version
6- copy conf,plugin from old installation to this new installation
7- copy resource/security folder from old directory to new version directory
8- start openfire

but it did’nt work tell me what to do

Thank You

Why are you doing such an elaborate process? But to answer your question, please provide some logs/ entries when you attempted to start openfire in step 8.

As akrherz mentioned it usually is enough to just run the installer and install over. It should upgrade everything and nothing has to be copied from a backup. Also, what OS?

yes ,you are right i have done this and it is working now just install the new version