Upgrade Problem really strange. SOS!

I upgraded my WildFire installation to the latest version of OpenFire which I recently downloaded from your website. I went and did the upgrade according to the guide “[http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/WildfiretoOpenfireUpgradeGuide])”

I installed the service after the upgrade and the tweaks it told me to do. I went to run the Login Manager through the web and there was nothing there!!! So I ran ran the Openfire app it created in the start menu, and there was lots of errors (see attachment) But my users can still connect.

Please help to rid me of these problems so I can get back to normality!!!

Many Thanks



“The database is already in use by another process:” tells me that another Openfire server is still running and using the database. So you may want to make sure that all Openfire processes are stopped. If start fails then again with “The home directory has not been configured” you should set this variable in the start script in the “nohup java …” line with -Dopenfirehome=/usr/local/openfire if this is your Openfire home directory. If you can still access http://example.com:9090/index.jsp then you can look for the “Server Home:” value.