Upgrade Questions

I’‘m currently running 3.0.1 on Debian linux with mySql as the backend. As soon as 3.1 get’‘s cut loose officially I’'ll be upgrading.

I currently have 3.0.1 tied in my ad forrest and it’‘s simply amazing how well it’'s worked so far.

I would like to keep the contacts my users have added, roughly 500 steady users.

When I do this upgrade, if I have 3.1 use the database that 3.0.1 is using will that information be used by 3.1 or is there something else I need to do?



You can install a plugin called “import export users”. You can export your users list using this plugin and after upgradation u can import users. But exporting users will not save the other infromation except user.

You can find that plugin here.


If you want to keep your complete data then create the backup(MySql database) first then upgrade to newer version.

If you upgrade ur wilfire then it will not going to make any changes in the database. So simply upgrade with the newer version, even if u reinstall then after installation it will ask for the database where ur schemas are located(MySql) setup only verrifies the schemas are present or not. Wildfire installation setup do not update the previous contents.




every new Wildfire version can use the existing database of a previous version without problems. If the database design was changed then Wildfire will update the schema for you.

Also the update from 2.5 to 3.1 works like this, there’'s nothing you need to do manually.


Thanks LG.

You and matt have been a big help and I appreciate it, I’‘m used to checking on processes with like ejabbered and what not. I haven’‘t even bothered to login into the wildfire console for almost a month now. I don’'t have to worry about it.

Gotta love good software on a debian box

Yeah, talking about LG, everything seems to be in his pocket

Hi Aznidin,

as soon as I find some time I’'ll write a little guide for Matt how to configure a ServerIron together with Connection Managers (:


Hi LG,

It will take some time for me to digest that, but a quick glance suggested that I’'m might be needing it. Pls keep me informed as well. Thanks.

Hi Aznidin,

these switches are really nice, but with 2 Gbps to 12 Gbps throughput they may a little bit oversized for Wildfire-only usage.