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Upgrade to Wildfire 2.4 LDAP AD

We have been using a Jive server on windows 2003 w/ AD Ldap for the past year. It has been working great. Pandion came out with their update, so I thought it was about time we upgrade jive to wildfire. I followed the directions located at http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/entry.jspa?entryID=481 .

Jive was working w/ the following jive-messenger.xml:

Thanks again.

Hi there

Here is my working ldap section.

I noticed that it looks as though you’‘ve used a real administrator account. I didn’'t find this nessassary, I created a standard account which was sufficient.

This is authenticating against a win2k domain. I can’'t see any real differences between your setup and mine.