Upgraded wildfire 3.1.1 server not sending presence updates?

I just upgraded my 3.0.1 server to 3.1.1, running on a linux host. I am pulling all my users from OpenLDAP along with the groups and am experiencing an issue where when a user logs in/out there presence is not being updated to all the other members of the group, although if i restart my client i will see an accurate roster for that point in time.

Let me give an example…

User A logs in.

User B logs in, can see User A in their roster - but User A does not see User B in their roster.

User A logs out, User B still sees User A as online in their roster.

User A logs in, can now see User B as online in their roster.

ad infinitum…

Any clue on how i can fix this?

hi rparrish,

I’'m having the exact same problem here. Seems to be a problem with share groups or groupsearch filter. Can you show you wildfire.xml config file ? then we can compare them to see if we can find the problem.

I’‘m hoping Gato can help us but so far he wasn’'t able to see the msgs I think



Definetly there is something wrong when using sharegroups and ldap. I did a few tests here with very interesting results. Ok … here is the scenario:

  • wildfire3.1.1+openldap

  • 2 groups (pulled from ldap), groupA (user1A, user2A) and groupB (user1B, user2B). All groups have no more than 5 users each and all groups are share with all users. From Admin console I did share all 2 groups as follow:

  1. Enable contact list group sharing
  • A user (userNoGroup) - not member of any group.

  • userNoGroup logs in.

  • user1A logs in. userNoGroup sees user1A

  • user2A logs in and sees user1A. user1A doesn’'t see user2A but userNoGroup sees user1A and user2A

  • user1B logs in and sees user1A, user2A. user1A and user2A don’'t see user1B but userNoGroup sees user1A, user2A and user1B

  • user2B logs in and sees user1A, user2A, user1B. user1A, user2A and user1B don’'t see user2B but userNoGroup sees user1A, user2A, user1B and user2B

in another words, userNoGroup can see just about everything that happens with the other’'s presence with no problem. And, of course userNoGroup has no group in my ldap.

Anyone ? any ideas?


Quite interesting, sounds like what i have also (although i haven’'t tested with no groups yet). Below is my wildfire.xml config, i will bring this thread up in the developer meeting - perhaps we found a real bug








(&(objectClass=apple-group)(cn=jabber*))</groupSearchFil ter>







yeap, sounds like we really found a bug.

anyway, comparing the ldap portion of wildfire.xml (mine against yours) they are pretty much the same, as follow:

mine wildfire.xml (ldap portion)

And … another info, from Admin console everything looks pretty good. All presence change beautifully


“And … another info, from Admin console everything looks pretty good. All presence change beautifully :-)”

Thought that I would add that this is the same case for my system.

Is there any test’‘s any of the dev’'s would like us to try before i go back to 3.0.1?

I’‘m having the same problem with custom database integration as was noted in this thread over here. I’‘d really appreciate a fix to this problem but it is good to know the problem didn’'t exist in 3.0.1.

Hey guys,

If someone of you can provide me a VMWare image with your setup so I can debug it then that will help me a lot. If no vmware image can be provided then I will have to try replicating your setup which might take me more time…


– Gato

Like a VM image of the server that is hosting wildfire and my LDAP server??

The LDAP server is OS X (10.4.6), so no VM there, and the wildfire box doubles as the company email server (or does the email server double as the wildfire server? ) - so i can’'t really send that out.

The wildfire server in my case is a Ubuntu 6.06 box w/ the official Sun java builds if you want to replicate it-

ii java-common 0.24ubuntu2 Base of all Java packages

ii sun-java5-bin 1.5.0-06-1 Sun Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0

ii sun-java5-demo 1.5.0-06-1 Sun Java™ Development Kit (JDK) 5.0 demos

ii sun-java5-fonts 1.5.0-06-1 Lucida TrueType fonts (from the Sun JRE)

ii sun-java5-jdk 1.5.0-06-1 Sun Java™ Development Kit (JDK) 5.0

ii sun-java5-jre 1.5.0-06-1 Sun Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0

wildfire is installed at /opt/wildfire

Hey Gato,

A vm will be quite difficult around here but you can contact me at any time (by phone, email or even smoke sign LOL). I’'ll give you all info you need to help us with this issue. We can even put a setup together if you want to.

Let me know.

btw, I sent you an email will my setup and explaining all the thing but no response so far let me know if you need more info about it .


I’'m having the same exact problem.

Sorry, not able to provide a VM…

Using AD on a 2000 Server and here’'s my wildfire.xml config

]]> cn mail cn member description false

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This thread fixed it for me:


Thanks for the link wbcoyote3,

However, that has not solved my problem.