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Upgrading from Openfire 4.2.2 to Current version

With the Covid19 sending most of our work force home we have come to depend more and more on Spark for day to day communication. Sadly over the last week our Openfire has been extremely unstable. I have tried everything I can think of and at this point the only thing I think I can try is just updating the bloody thing.

I am looking for any advice updating from Openfire 4.2.2 to the current stable version. Are their any updates I can skip? Do I have to do them one at time, or is it best just to download the latest and go from there.

You are speaking about the server part, which is called Openfire (Spark is only a client), so i have moved your thread and fixed names. If you would share what exact problems you run into, maybe there is some other way other than updating to fix it. Because you might still run into the same thing after the update (and possibly into some new issues after updating from such an old version).

For upgrade Explanation: upgrading Openfire

Thank you for moving the corrections.

the issue we seem to be having is randomly we will have users trying to log in that get the very helpful error message of “Unknown connection error. Please review the logs for more information.” No logs of course, I have users who will be logged in without issue when others get the error message. I have been logged in myself notice no issues log out and then I am able to get the error message myself. Everything server side looks fine. OpenFire is running using same amount of Ram as always the CPU is doing next to nothing. Event Viewer shows no issue, and when in CMD I ran an netstat -a command and I can see devices talking without issue. What I have been doing is just rebooting the server since I cant see anything wrong. Once back up everyone can get in without issue. today is the first day where it has gone down twice in one day.

Anything in Openfire logs? On Windows it would be in Openfire\logs\all.log
Spark should also has something in the logs, which on Windows are stored in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs