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Upgrading from Wildfire 3.0.1


I have Wildfire (Openfire) v. 3.0.1 installed (yes it’s old) and been wanting to upgrade it to Openfire’s current version. Because it’s so old, I know there are special installtion requirements and method. I was wondering how to go about this. I tried searching throughout the site, but really couldn’t find much. I also have a lot of stuff I want to keep intact such as groups, administrative setings, etc. so I don’t want to lose anything and I’m hoping I can just upgrade without having to do little, if any, backups. Thanks

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The upgrade guide is located here: http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/WildfiretoOpenfireUpgradeGuide

There are a couple links at the top of the doc that will get you through the upgrade process, specifically you need to upgrade to wildfire 3.2 first: http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/WildfireUpgradeGuide

As a precaution, make sure that you have made backups first


I’m in the same - late to the party - boat as you.

Thanks for the link

I am upgrading as well with this same kind of situation.

However, I cannot find the download location for WILDfire 3.2. I’ve tried to google it and it only shows broken links scattered throughout the igniterealtime and internet in general.

As far as I understand, the upgrade path is:

Wildfire 3.0 => Wildfire 3.2 => Openfire 3.3

Where can I find a valid, working copy of WILDFIRE 3.2 to download so I can upgrade my WILDFIRE 3.0?

I sent you an email with an FTP link to get version 3.2.4

OK - that went fairly smooth - the only missing instructions had to do with restarting the service (i run the service) when upgrading from 3.ancient to 3.2.4. Also since I run the server behind the Windows Firewall (on an XP workstation) I needed to add the program exceptions for openfire-service.exe, openfired.exe, and openfire.exe.

The sparkmanager.jar plugin isn’t working which isn’t a good thing. If I don’t discover a workaround I might just revert backwards as having Spark client update control is pretty handy.

edit Found the new Openfire version: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/145463#145463

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I am in the same boat, and for the life of me, I cannot find a Wildfire 3.2 download anywhere! Could anyone kindly post the link to the aforementioned FTP site?

Thanks in advance,


what a coincidence, looks like here many people experience the sama problem.

i also need to upgrade wildfire 3.1.1, to open fire 3.3.3. Yes first i need to upgrade it first to 3.2 (btw i already try to upgrade it directly to 3.3, & yes it failed).

can someone also send me link to me to download wildfire 3.2, too?,

Please, best regards.


Looks like they updated this page recently with the correct links to download the wildfire 3.2 file:


Hope this helps,


thanks, the link is work.

My apology,

i forgot to tell that my system was running redhat enterprise, so i hope someone can give me the link to download wildfire 3.2 the rpm or tar.gz version.

and i also forgot to tell, that my wildfire setting has been modified a litlle bit. And maybe building from zero to running openfire will made me spent some time to make it works again.

thanks in advance.

ps : sorry, i just realized the link you give was for windows installer. my bad.

My aplogies

again i didn’t realize it also give link to download rpm & tar.gz version.


I actually got around to doing the upgrade. Here are my comments …PAINLESS. I installed 3.3.2 on another Linux Box and followed the directions in the upgrade guide … moving the necessary files over from Wildfire. Forget about copying over the plugins … When you bring the new system up, go ahead and reload them after you configure the new server via the webtool. When you copy over the wildfire.xml->openfire.xml, make sure you set the attributes (chmod 0755 openfire.xml). If you don’t, the IM server will run when started using …/bin/openfire.sh but will have issues using “service openfire start” because it doesn’t have “write” privilege.

After testing on my test system, I started looking at the file structure and it dawned on me that you can install openfire over wildfire. This is possible because wildfire is stored in /opt/wildfire/… and openfire is stored in /opt/openfire/… The openfire startup files (init.d and /etc/sysconfig) are named openfire so there is no name conflict.

By testing on my test system, I could configure openfire using my postgreSQL and test by pointing a few IM Clients to my test system. When I had a “warm and cozy” feeling, I copied the openfire files (openfire->init.d and openfire->/etc/sysconfig) to my live system and I did the rcX.d files by hand. Did a tarball of /opt/openfire and dumped it onto the live server. Turned off wildfire and started up openfire. The IM client disconnected and reconnected with NO ISSUES.

Hope this helps … thanks for all the comments