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Upgrading from Wildfire 3.1.1 while using FirebirdSQL database

We decided to bite the sour apple and try to upgrade our customized Wildfire 3.1.1 to the latest Openfire 3.3.2.

The problem is FirebirdSQL. To work with *fire, we had to change some column names, leading to source code alterations.

Usually *fire updates the database structure using the scripts coming with it. Is it feasable to try to make scripts for FirebirdSQL? There are directories 1 - 11 in the database/upgrade directory. From which point onwards would I need scripts (hoping it won’t be all of them)?

Do I need to change source code for this to work (I would guess yes)? Can you point these out please?

If I can manage to make *fire update its database automatically, that would make future updates much easier…

Any other hints or help is greatly appreciated.

Note to the devs: If you’re finally interested in supporting FirebirdSQL, I can contribute with all the issues we ran into. Just let me know.

My jiveversion has “10” and “wildfire”.

I had a look at postgresql scripts from the 10 directory onward, and it adds a table called jivepresence.

It’s also necessary to change the jiveversion to “11” and “openfire”.

  USERNAME              VARCHAR(64)     NOT NULL,
  OFFLINEPRESENCE       Blob sub_type 1,
UPDATE jiveVersion set version=11, name='openfire';