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Upgrading IM Gateway

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…

I’m trying to update the IM Gateway to the latest version. It’s my understanding that all you have to do it move the gateway.jar file that I downloaded into the OpenFire Plugin folder.

I did this, but the Plugin page still lists the old version of the gateway.

Do I need to restart OpenFire?

Does the gateway require the most recent version of OpenFire? I need to update that too.

I think this is a common problem.

I always have to restart openfire to upgrade.

The best way is to remove the jar file and the coresponding directory for the gateway plugin, while the server is not running. Then copy the new plugin to the folder and restart the service for openfire. Jar files are just compressed archives. The installation process extracts the needed files. This sometimes does not work with large plugins. It could be that some of the files can not be rplaced when in use by the server also.

Thanks. I’ll try that later off hours then.