Upgrading to 2.0.0 cleared all my users logon information

I’'ve just deployed version 2.0.0 via Wildfire & am having a flood of calls. The upgrade has cleared out all of my users logon information: user name, password, and server.

Was this supposed to happen?


as a result, I’'m having to go into the database to retrieve users logon names & passwords. In some cases, the user password field is showing as NULL but the encrypted password field is populated. Why is this happening for some but not all?

I had the same problem today. After I upgraded Wildfire a few weeks ago I forgot to install Spark Manager so I didn’‘t realise that they would auto update to V2. I’'ve now put that on and held the clients back to 1.4 until I have time to look into this more.

Also just installed the release version of V2 for Linux, and disappointed to find that the problems I mentioned in a previous post havn’‘t been fixed - the preferences dialog simply doesn’'t work amongst other things.


Hi PC,

Spark 2.0.1 (due out today) will pick up the older preference settings for login purposes from the 1.1.4 settings file.


Just autoupgraded from 1.1.4 and it automatically grabbed 2.0.0 and destroyed my logins…>( .

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Hi xgthox,

Make sure to grab the 2.0.1 release. This will grab your login.


Yep. That did work. The few users who opted not to upgrade to 2.0.0 first and went straight to 2.0.1 had no issues whatsoever.

Keep up the great work on Spark! I’'ve had users come up to me & tell me they really like how the client is shaping up!!