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Upgrading Wildfire 3.0.1 to Openfire 3.3.3

I’m curious if anyone in this community has made an upgrade from Wildfire 3.0.1 to Openfire 3.3.3? The current Wildfire setup is used for business purposes and it would be quite bad if that server went down due to a faulty upgrade. Thus I have a few questions/concerns:

  1. Does the 3.3.3 package upgrade existing older installs of Wildfire?

  2. Will the built-in HSQL database be used/upgraded (preserving all the information)

  3. Is Wildfire’s settings/db stored in one directory that can be backed up as a “just in case” measure

The current install is on a Windows Server 2003 box using the built-in HSQLDB.

Sorry if my questions seem a bit basic, I’m new to XMPP as a whole and this is sort of a trial by fire here… Thanks all in advance for your assistance.

Hi robdb,

It seems contradictory that your business relies on wildfire 3.0.1 and it hasn’t been upgraded in a while and you are approaching this as trial by fire? Anyway…

A direct upgrade is probably not a good idea. You could attempt to do incremental upgrades, and keep going until you get to 3.3.3. Or you could copy your installation to a test machine and do different upgrades to see what works.

Regardless, you should back up what you have now. Do what you do, test it. If it doesn’t work, restore the backup and try again.


You can not do a direct upgrade, I believe. However it is easy to backup the wildfire server as it is one directory, and can be copied while the server is running. there are documents on the site on how to convert from wildfire to openfire. It can be difficult.

Thinking outside the box, these are the steps I would take:

  1. Backup, backup, backup…etc

  2. Copy wildfire folder contents to new folder you make called Openfire (case sensitive) in the Program Files folder

  3. Rename the wildfire.xml in the new folder to openfire.xml (case sensitive)

  4. Run the openfire setup

  5. Compare the new openfire.xml to the original wildfire.xml

  6. Test the new install

@1: http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/Home contains links to three update documents, you may want to read them and update as described there.

@2: Yes @ Will the built-in HSQL database be used/upgraded preserving all the information.

@3: Yes, conf/* and embedded-db/* - but as the whole Wildfire directory is usually small one could backup it completely. The registry entries to run Wildfire / Openfire as a service are of course not stored there.


Thanks all for the quick responses, that Wiki entry is VERY helpful.

@akrherz Sorry, I’ve just been promoted to net admin for the company so I’m picking up where others have left off. Setting this up was the first request of one of the top dogs, thus trial by fire.