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Currently running Wildfire 2.5.0…

Can I upgrade to 2.5.1 “over the top” of 2.5.0 or will I need to uninstall 2.5.0?

If I can upgrade, does it remember all the settings etc.?

I orginally installed 2.5.0, saw .5.1 and decided to upgrade. backup your wildfire.xml, plugins/admin,resource/database.

If you rpm’'d the install do a #>rpm -U

then it should upgrade you package for you. Mine did remember all of the setting for me, but backup just to be safe. 2.5.1 doesn’‘t require a database upgrade, so you shouldn’'t hvae a problem there.



as Jeff said upgrading is really easy. Of course it would help if one would know if you are using a Linux or a Windows installation or wildfire.war with Tomcat.

Using Tomcat you have your wildfireHome (wildfire.xml and embedded db if you are using it) somewhere else, so I just drop the new war file into the webapps folder. Usually Wifi does also an upgrade of the tables if this is necessary.

If you are using the embedded database you may want to make also a backup of it (just to be sure, but I hope the update process does not delete it).


Running Windows Server 2003 and embedded database.


so you still wonder if you should uninstall the current version or just install the new one?

I have really no idea how one should update it, but a backup of the embedded-db and conf directory should be everything you need to backup, and also plugins if you did install some.

Then a new install (without uninstall) in the same directory and restoring of the two directories should make you ready to go. Maybe you wait for one who is using W2K and embedded db or a developer to post the “right” update procedure.


Yep. Those upgrade steps are correct. Let us know how it goes.


– Gato

I’'m noticing here and there some mentions about launching wildfire aside production directory to unpack some jars. I was upgrading my tar.gz installation just by overwriting everything except /conf /embedded-db and /logs with new tar.gz package content. Should i change my upgrade scenario with say 2.6.0 or i misunderstand something?

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Opps, there ARE other operating systems besides Linux… Sorry, I keep forgeting…